Home Grown Talent
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Home Grown Talent

It seems that buying a product that has been made in the UK is becoming more and more important these days. The first question that a lot of my customers as is where the product is made and this is because their customers in turn are asking them the same quuestion. There are even some of my customers that will only stock products in their stores that are made in the UK.

There is certainly a place for products that are made in the Far East (as we call it here in the UK) but I guess it goes without saying that I’m more than happy to support home gorwn talent where possible.

There are a group of us that are grouping together to help promote the work of people that make fabulous products here in the UK. There is a UK Handmade blog that has just launched where you can read about the artists, products and general goings on. Have a look, you never know what you might find!

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