Hong Kong Roundup
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Hong Kong Roundup

I’m long back from our fabulous trip to Hong Kong and I am now back in the land of the living after a couple of weeks of terrible family coughs and colds along with our internet drought.

It was so lovely to come back to the girls but I think my mother in law was even more pleased to see us than the girls were. It was a full on few days for her that included very little sleep due to Emily cutting three molars in as many days! What a brilliant mother in law I have. She is an absolute star….a gift of Clarins goodies seem to have been gratefully received!

So, Hong Kong….. it was brilliant!!! I really loved it as a city. Hong Kong is a great mix of culture (it has such a strong identity as a city) and commercialism (i.e. shopping) and loads of great food.


Sadly the weather was a touch on the miserable side …drizzle mostly and  a fair amount of low lying cloud.

Low lying cloud in Hong Kong

Having said that it was more manageable than hot sticky and humid. We luckily got sight of and managed a trip up to The Peak on our final day. However all in all the weather didn’t actually stop us from doing anything that we wanted to do.

Hong Kong Star Ferry

We used the underground and a few taxis but I loved our very quick trip on the Star Ferry…don’t you just love the pattern on the seats?

Cool seats on the star ferry

On the Sunday morning before we left we has a little walk out to the Flower Market. Wow, such beautiful flowers on display and at such amazingly low prices. I would have stuffed my suitcase full if I could have. I wish there was a flower market as amazing in my local town.

Orchids in the Hong Kong Flower Market

We also had a little saunter through the Bird Garden. Very sweet little birds tweeting away and loads of ‘old’ gentlemen chewing the fat.

Hong Kong Bird Market

Whilst in the area we completely forgot to go the Fish Market though!! Probably too busy thinking of our next meal.

Speaking of food we were fortunate enough to eat in Aqua and we had an early anniversary dinner in Mortons as well as having some great food from some street stall style outlets

Our hotel was full of great art from mostly Chinese artists. Our favourite installation was the Red Guards Going Forward! Making Money! by Jiang Shuo


I was very fortunate to be flying BA business class. As a small child I did a lot of flying in business class as my dad’s company paid for us all to travel with him but as an adult it has been economy all the way (ok, 99% of the time). This trip was a real treat, flat bed, over night flight and no little ones to look after. The experience was bliss and I would do it again if I could!!

Most amazing news from the trip (ok, slightly tragic news, but it pleased me) was that you can now take small scissors on the plane. By small, I mean scissors with a blade less than 5cm on board a plane. I didn’t have any small scissors in my carry on, but I was winging it (or so I thought) with a crochet hook. Remarkably/thankfully I made it through security without any bother.

So as a result I was able to make a start on my version of Attic 24’s Blooming Flower cushion. A little bit of hooky on the plane – in more ways than one Inever thought I’d ever be able to do that!

Crochet in the skies

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