I need a kick up the …..
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I need a kick up the …..

Longer term readers of this blog will know that earlier in the year I was celebrating as I had lost 15kg following the birth of Emily, my second daughter.

Well, following two weeks in America and four weeks of my mum being here I have fallen into some fairly terrible eating habits that I just can’t seem to shake. Whilst mum was here I also wasn’t going to the gym as at best it’s two and a half hours out of the day (it’s a 20 minute drive each way – oh the joys of living in the countryside). The upshot is that 4kg have crept back on!

So, I am back at the gym this week and today I try to break my bad eating habits by joining the Fitness2Improve 14 day Fatburner….eeep!

The Fitness2Improve 14 day Fatburner is an online programme of healthy eating (thankfully not dieting) and a series of daily 10 minute (yes, just 10 minute) exercise routines via video. It’s all supported by a secret squirrel group on facebook.

My aim is to lose 6kg by the time my holiday comes around later this summer. I think this is going to be quite a tough challenge and possibly a kilo or two too far. We shall have to see.

Wish me luck!

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