I shouldn’t be here!
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I shouldn’t be here!

Damn volcano. As with hundreds and thousands of other people, my flight has been cancelled.

I am just thankful that I am at home, and not in transit, or stuck overseas.

Just think of those away on school trips (both the parents waiting for their children to come home and the teachers looking after a group of children), people on self-booked holidays (luckily my sister in law’s travel company are covering most of her expenses), people trying to get to sick family, people on business trips (my friend’s husband only went abroad for a day and she thinks he’ll be gone a week). There are so many stressful situations that people are finding themselves in. I am inconvenienced, but the stress levels are quite low.

The flight being cancelled did mean that we managed to avoid a boring trip down the country on what must have been the best weather we have had since last summer!

Saturday was spent pottering around the garden and enjoying our new garden furniture. Aanyone got any tips for explaining to a 19month old that it’s not goot to pull the petals off flowers?? There were a few casualties over the weekend…

Sunday we took the dog out to Attingham Park. It’s a National Trust property just the other side of Shrewsbury. We have lived in the area for 3 years this summer and had never been before (tsk tsk). I had always assumed that you couldn’t take dogs off their leads and Roxy needs a good run around to really get exercised. We found out, however that they can have a good run around the woods, they just need to be on their leads around the main house and when walking through the Deer Park. We had such a  lovely time and Charlotte liked the pigs and the chickens!

So anyway, this week is back to normal. We went to baby swimming classes this morning and the gym and creche is booked for the rest of the week. I may even be able to catch up with a friend or two if I’m lucky.

My flight to Australia has been re-booked for same time next week, so I can only hope that things will get back to normal by then. I do have a sinking feeling though…..

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  • Poor you with having to cancel! The only thing worse than flying with a toddler is not being able to fly with a toddler!

    Love the enormous pink hat!

    • The enormous hat was the only thing we could find when we were in Disney on an out of season hot and sunny day at the end of last year. I think it may last her a few years!


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