I Stitched and I Bitched – sort of
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I Stitched and I Bitched – sort of

So last night was (finally) my very first stitch and bitch session. To be honest there was more stitching than bitching…we are all very nice people!

I have just completed a tricky hat and will try to take some pictures and post them for you to see it in all it’s glory. So last night I was starting a fresh project.

I’ve been looking for a toddler cricket style vest/tank top but can’t quite decide on the right pattern. In my search I came across Neighborly, a free pattern designed by Jennifer Casa. It looks perfect for chilly spring and autumn days and will be great for layering in the winter.


photo from JCasa

Obviously I decided to make life difficult for myself by using a completely different weight yarn and needles (fitting the stash to the project, rather than buying new yarn!). So I have made a start but need to spend a bit of time figuring out how to adapt the pattern.

Sadly when I have pulled the knitting out of the bag to sit and knit in the sun for 10 minutes, I checked the pattern only to realise that I should have been knitting in stocking stitch and not garter stitch. Should have been paying more attention last night. The question is, should I keep going as is (it’s just a collar) and knit the rest of the top in stocking stitch or do I start again?

Stunning day

Looking at the results that Alexandra has had at Moonstitches, I think I might just start again……

Last night was great but we have decided to get a Ravelry swear box as it successfully took over the conversation on many occasion.

Such a lovely day today, more of the same please. We even had a big fat bumble bee in the garden this afternoon

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  • Well it looks pretty darn good to me. I wouldn’t know where to start!

    CJ xx

  • I’ve always wondered what the ‘stitch and bitch’ get-togethers are like……Nice that you get to knit in the sun now, it’s been so nice outside.


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