I WILL use all of my yarn!
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I WILL use all of my yarn!

I seem to have the spring cleaning bug at the moment. Now that my youngest daughter is a year old, the newborn fog is starting to clear as every day she becomes a little more self sufficient. She is learning to play on her own as she finds delight in new toys and every day objects and is learning to play with her big sister.

Anyhow it means that I am starting to have a bit (but only a bit you understand) more time on my hands and I seem to be looking around the house at all of the things that need doing. Now, with two small people around spring cleaning seems to be limited to 10, 20 or (if I’m lucky) 30 minute slots, so I have started a list of all of the bite-sized jobs that need doing. So when the opportunity arises I can get on with something useful, and possibly a little more interesting than conquering the ironing pile!

So I was in the lounge the other day and decided to have a quick spring clean/stock take of my yarn stash. Yeah, yeah, I realise that this sounds a little bit more like fun than spring cleaning but it’s a job that has to be done, although perhaps it should have been a bit further down on the list!

As far as yarn stashes go, I don’t think it’s too bad…it does fit into two boxes that sit neatly under the sofa

Ok, ok, I realise that one of the lids doesn’t quite shut, but it does once you squish it closed and push it under the sofa! Sadly this isn’t all of my stash as I have a couple of projects in progress (two small blankets and a pair of mittens) and a few other odds and ends.

I have used ravelry’s stash feature and I have calculated that in the ‘main’ stash I have 6,500 yards of yarn – that’s just under 4 miles worth. Sounds terrible doesn’t it?

In the main this has not been as a result of indiscriminate purchasing, most has been purchased with a project in mind, I just seem to have not quite managed to get around to starting the projects.

2012 will be the year of stash busting. Now how many knitters and crocheters say that at this time of year??

The cowl I made the other day has left me with nearly a full ball of Rowan Big Wool. So as a start to my mission of stash busting I, here and now, commit to using all of it!

Having decided to do a little stash busting I do worry however that part of my love of knitting is owning lovely balls of yarn!

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