In the beginning….
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In the beginning….

I started Little Black Duck in July 2006 but thought it was about time I told the story of why I left the corporate world for the world of Little Black Duck….

I loved working where I worked, but things were changing. The company was moving from a young dynamic do anything, challenge ideas, ‘have fun’ /’can do’ attitude to a very finance focused business where your every move had to be justified. I loved the people I worked with (well, most of them) but just felt like the time was right to explore my creativity and do my own thing. I’d just got married and at some point in the not too distant future I knew that we’d want to start a family and sadly the corporate world is not always as flexible as it needs to be in these circumstances!

I had studied a number of subjects while at the London College of Fashion but it wasn’t until I did a module on working with leather that I really found my passion. Next thing I knew I was working with the tutor, Anthony Vrahimis, in his business learning the finer points of working with leather. A move up north with my husband’s job in late 2005 was the signal for me to start putting all of my skill into practice….  

After months of planning, product development and production the first sales for Little Black Duck came in July 2006 after exhibiting at a trade show.

Now, just over a year and a half later, things are still going strong and there’s a baby on the way!

The aim of this blog is to let you all know (customers, suppliers and all you other lot) what me and my company are all about. Feel free to leave comments or questions or send me an email for a chat… would be great to hear from you

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