It’s all about who you know
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It’s all about who you know

Earlier this week I attended the WiRE (Women in Rural Enterprise) conference. As I am new to the area I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet some new people and maybe learn a new thing or two…

There were some amazing women there with some amazing stories, none more so than Nicky Pattinson who was the afternoon speaker. She’s been through a lot in her life, but she has learnt a lot along the way. She had a lot of very interesting things to say and has made me think differently about the way I run both my life and my business. If you ever get the chance to hear her speak, be prepared to laugh and cry but ultimately go away with a few nuggets of advice that may just change your direction

….on a lighter note the free chocolates given out in the goody bag were amazing!

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  • Met Nicky on vacation in Key West, Florida, this summer. She’s full of energy and enthusiasm. I can imagine she made a great impression.


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