Just 5 more minutes….
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Just 5 more minutes….

My baby girl is about 9 months old now and I am loving being a mum. From time to time I find it difficult to juggle looking after her (now that she can crawl at high speed and scale any knee high object in her way) along with a needy dog, a messy house, and a lovely husband ….. and of course a busy business.

Anyway as I have the luxury of working from home I like to take the time to make all the baby food. As I am essentially a rubbish cook with very little creative skills when it comes to cooking I am using a combination of the Annabel Karmel  and the Gina Ford books for recipe ideas.

The other night I decided to cook some individual fish pies. They came out of the oven looking great and tasting amazing, but just needed another 5 minutes to fully cook the fish through………30 minutes later this is the result!

 Baby fish pies from Gina Ford


 Maybe I should have put the timer on?

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  • That photo is completely hilarious! Remembering the timer can be difficult with a baby around.
    My favorite website for homemade baby food recipes is:


    The site suggests that you just cook for yourself and feed some to baby. There is a 6 month course of suggestions you can sign up for to guide you in introducing a variety of foods for your baby.

    I hope this is helpful.


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