Kids Clothes Week :: Elsa T-shirt Dress
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Kids Clothes Week :: Elsa T-shirt Dress

It’s Kids Clothes week this week….wooohoooo! The aim is to spend an hour a day sewing clothes for your Children, or I guess, if you are feeling generous….someone else’s children! You can read more about Kids Clothes Week on their blog or you can follow KCW on facebook or KCW on twitter.

I am a little short on time at the moment so I’m not sure how much I’ll get done, but I’d like to take part. How about you, are you taking part?

First up for me is a modification, rather than sewing something from scratch.

The girls LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Disney’s Frozen, no surprises there, there aren’t many little girls that aren’t drawn in by the songs.  There seems to be very little Frozen merchandise out there and what there is seems to be overpriced and low in quality. To date I have resisted buying anything at all, however in Tesco the other day I spied some Elsa T-shirts and picked up one each for the girls. I don’t normally do overly branded/character based clothing, but you know what, sometimes it’s OK to give in….

Elsa t-shirt from Tesco

Emily, whilst is completely adorable, is a complete pain in the proverbial when it comes to clothing. She loves a dress, and that is that. There are tantrums and hissy fits when I attempt to dress her in anything but a dress, pretty swirly girly skirts and tops don’t even make the cut. Some days I give in, but mostly I ride the storm and make her wear what makes most sense for the day ahead.

Emily Cheeky Face

see, cheeky face….butter wouldn’t melt!

Having said all of that I decided that if I was going to spend money on an Elsa t-shirt for her that I would want her to wear it, so I decided to use some tulle from my stash (yay, for the stash) to turn her Elsa t-shirt it into a dress.


Needless to say that Charlotte was crest-fallen when I told her that I didn’t have enough tulle to turn her t-shirt into a dress! She perked up a bit when I told her that I was making her a dress from scratch and that she could choose the colour…..more of that later in the week.

Elsa T-shirt Dress

So, how are you getting on with Kids Clothes Week? Are you taking part? Are you sewing just an hour a day or are you really throwing yourself into it like I am very tempted to do?


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