Knitted scalloped hat and matching mitts
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Knitted scalloped hat and matching mitts

Charlotte lost her favourite hat before we went to Australia. We searched everywhere for it. I hate losing things. Seriously hate losing things.

I decided that as the weather was still so cold that I would knit her a new one (don’t worry the hat she lost wasn’t her only hat, poor girl wasn’t walking around with no hat!). I decided on the Little Scallops hat by Maria Carlander, raided my stash and got knitting

Scalloped Hat 2

The pattern was easy to follow and came together very quickly. This was my first attempt at stranded colour work…it worked out ok, but I think I could have left the yarn a little more loose in a couple of places. No big deal though as the hat fits just fine!

I made the pom pom using the finger wrap method. It worked out ok, but I wish that I could have made it a bit more full, but I ran out of yarn….

Scalloped Hat 1As a bonus Charlotte also got a pair or wrist warmers to match her hat. A while back she was admiring a pair of wrist warmers that I had bought in the sale (yeah, yeah, I bought them, should have knitted them myself, but they were a complete steal and I couldn’t walk away from them!)

Wrist Warmers for CP 2The pattern Charlotte chose for the wrist warmers was Mini Mitts by Jessie Koontz. The only adaptation I made was to cast on with a picot cast on. To begin with the picot cast on really hurt my head, but once I got into the swing of it I was fine! I’m glad I cast on in that way as it makes them just a little bit pretty

Scalloped Hat and Wrist Warmers 1

I’m so pleased I made these for Charlotte as she completely loves them and at the moment Spring is taking it’s time to blossom and we are cold!

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