Knitting down under
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Knitting down under

I had intended to take a lad of knitting projects with me to Australia. But I thought twice, who am I do deprive myself of some bonus yarn shopping?!?

So I am taking with me the following:

Cable mittens in preparation for next winter (and maybe a few Christmas presents) – am I mad?!?!

….and maybe a pair of felted slippers….?

I did have Neighborly on the list but due to the volcano disrupting plans I managed to get it finished this week. I just need to wash and block it, which I will save for when I get back from Australia

picture from Moonstitches

I hear you say ‘you should be out enjoying the sun in Australia’ but it’s just for doing in front of the TV at night…mum and dad go to bed quite early!

p.s. all projects are available via Ravelry

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  • Have a fab time. Hope you leave some space in your bags for Australian charity shops, and as well as all those yarn stores, some fabric and a few copies of this…



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