Welcome to the Nifty Needle Workshop

Welcome to the Nifty Needle Workshop

Welcome and thanks so much for taking this workshop for the Nifty Needlebook. In this workshop I am going to demonstrate for you how to make the various versions of the Nifty Needlebook.

I will also run through the pattern, talk about the tools I will be using and of course share lots of tips with you along the way.

This workshop has been split into lots of different lessons so that you can easily dip in and out and work completely at your own pace. You can also just watch the lessons that are relevant to the style of Nifty Needlebook that you have chosen to make.

Here are the Front Cover Options to choose from:

  • Option 1 – FPP Economy Square (in a square, in a square….)
  • Option 2 – FPP Variable Star
  • Option 3 – FPP Variable Star with Economy Square
  • Option 4 – EPP Hexie Flower

There are also two different styles of slip pocket for you to choose from:

  • Option 1 – Slip Pocket with Machine Embroidery
  • Option 2 – Slip Pocket with Binding

Gallery of Makes

Don’t forget to check out the Gallery of Customer Makes for some inspiration for your Nifty Needlebook project!

The Nifty Needlebook has been cleverly designed so that it is compatible with my Spools of Thread pattern and the Mini A-Z pattern. There is an extra lesson in this workshop that talks about how to incorporate the Spools of Thread and Mini A-Z, plus there is a discount code if you would like to buy either of the patterns!

Spools of Thread sample pages
Mini FPP Alphabet Sample Pages


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