Lots of Lovely Legs
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Lots of Lovely Legs

I think I drive my husband crazy, I can’t sit still for more than two minutes and I am renowned for never getting to the end of a film!

Having said that crocheting seems to be winning the battle over those ants in my pants! I have decided to dabble in the world or amigurumi (small crochet animals). The sticthes used are quite basic so I’m onto a winner there and the animals seem to work up quite quickly – even better!

First up is my new eight-legged friend…..

Crochet Octopus

My baby girl quite likes him as there are so many legs to grab hold of, but I think she’d prefer it if he had a bell inside him so he would make a noise whilst she threw him around! Hubby isn’t so sure, he thinks they eyes look a little scary – maybe next time I’ll try some safety eyes or some buttons….

If you would like to make your own octopus then you can get the free pattern from here

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