Memory like a fish?
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Memory like a fish?

Now, I’m not saying that I ever had a good memory but since I fell pregnant and had a baby my memory is awful. When people say the pregnancy and birth affect your memory I thought they were kidding and it was a convenient excuse for those less organised! Those people were right – I am now so forgetful it drives me up the wall !!!

What is scary is that whilst you are a new mum and suffering (from what I hope is merely temporary) memory lapses you are expected to be responsible and organised enough to remember when you last fed the baby. This is where Hells Bells have a fantastic solution – Milk Mates

Milk Mates are bracelets to help remind you of when you last fed the baby by simply moving the sterling silver charm around the bracelet. I found mine to be completely invaluable and would recommend them to anyone either about to have a baby or someone looking for a great gift for a new mum.


As seen in Pregnancy and Birth magazine

You can buy Milk Mates from the Hells Bells web site in a range of different colours ranging from £9.99.

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  • That so clever! My friend has some for tracking your cycle in her shop and I’ve always thought that it was such a great idea.

  • Very ingenious!
    Kudos to the person who created that bracelet 😀

  • brilliant! i have to try this

  • Very cute bracelet. I always fed on demand so no need to remember when – much easier – but had I decided to be organised and scheduled in that domain, I certainly would have loved one of these bracelets!


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