Mini Blooming Flower Cushion
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Mini Blooming Flower Cushion

The eagle eyed amongst you may have caught a sneak peak of a little teddy sized cushion in yesterday’s post….

I found this cushion pattern through Ravelry at the end of last year and sort of¬†completely fell in love with it. The colours make it look so amazing and like I need to have one in our home. Sadly our home is more of the neutral persuasion so I think I’m going to make a Blooming Flower cushion in a solid colour to co-ordinate with our colour scheme. Sounds boring I know but we are a matchy- matchy neutral kind of household

For the time being I have made a mini test run of the Blooming Flower cushion with the left overs from my Granny Stripe Blanket (tired of hearing about this yet?).

Mini Blooming Flower

Sweet hey?

Underside of Mini Blooming Flower Cushion

Charlotte spied the finished article and asked me what it was. I told her that it was a little cushion for her dolls’ bed and she smiled (good enough response for me). She then took it to bed with her that night (even better response) and the following day sat her teddy on it (made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside)

Mini Blooming Flower Cushion with matching Mini Ripple Blanket

By the way, if you are looking for a lovely crochet project then Lucy at Attic24 has some really lovely patterns and tutorials. She explains things really well and has some great photos to illustrate exactly what you should be doing.

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