Mini FPP Alphabet Demonstration Videos
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Mini FPP Alphabet : Demonstration Videos

If you have bought or are thinking of buying the Mini FPP Alphabet pdf pattern, then this page is for you! I will be filming real-time demonstration videos for each of the characters that are included with the pattern….that’s 33 in total…phew! Links to each of the videos will be added to this page as soon as the videos have been added to YouTube. The characters are being filmed in a random order, however links will be saved to this page in alphabetical order, with the special characters being added after the letter ‘Z’.

Get a copy of the Mini FPP Alphabet pdf pattern

The Mini FPP Alphabet pattern is available as a digital pdf pattern. This means that you can purchase the pattern, download, print and get sewing straightaway.

Get a copy of the Spools of Thread pdf pattern

You’ll have heard me mention a number of times in the demo videos that the Mini Alphabet is compatible with the Spools of Thread pattern. You can choose one of the characters and use it for the central section of a spool. Perfect for making personalised sewing themed gifts! You can get a copy of the Spools of Thread pdf pattern from the link below. It’s a pdf download so you can print out and start sewing straight away


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