Mitten Madness
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Mitten Madness

In April three years ago (yes, three years ago) I cast on a pair of  Karisma Mittens designed by Iida.

I had never made mittens or gloves before and I must say, I had some real problems understanding the instructions for the thumb increases. I fudged the increases and purled (there is a lot of purling) and cabled on regardless. For one reason and another (maybe as it was summer at the time) I parked the project in a bag under the sofa.

Cable mitten pair

Quite some time before Christmas I went through some of my unfinished projects and came across the mittens. Oh dear, they really were a state. The thumb increases really were a bit messy and along the palm of the mitten I managed to create a stripe of loose stitches between two of the double pointed needles (why oh why did I keep knitting???)

I had also not really understood how to do the decreases in conjunction with the cables at the top and completely fudged it…without making notes so that I could replicate the fudge for the other mitten! Nothing like giving yourself a challenge

Cable mitten on hand

I eventually ripped out one of the mittens and started again. Whilst I am not over the moon with the quality of work, I love the mittens. The pattern is fab and I love the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino that I used…super soft and snuggly, oh yeah, and pink!

Cable mitten detail

Are you a knit on regardless kind of knitter or are you a perfectionist? Or like me, are you a bit of both?

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