My First Crochet
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My First Crochet


I have completed my first crochet project!

Ok ok, I actually completed it ages and ages ago, but ‘ve been somewhat busy having a baby and trying to survive the Christmas rush (which rapidly turned into the January rush….) so I’m more than behind in all sorts of stuff.

I wanted to make something simple, yet practicle…that wasn’t a scarf – although a scarf would now be more appropriate as we are now in deepest, darkest winter (I can’t believe it was -10 the other night). I had a bit of a flick through my crochet book and settled on string baskets as I thought they might be useful for all the baby stuff. The plan is to make a few of them to keep bottles and stuff in on one of the baby changing unit shelves (famous last words!)

It was in fact a good first project to do as it was basically just 5 rectangles of double crochet, hand sewn together at the side seams

As we live in the middle of nowhere the basket sat around for a few weeks waiting for me to find a suitable yarn for the top edge. Yes, I know I could have always looked on-line but I wanted to touch and feel the yarn and make sure I got the right colour!

I am really pleased with the results. There are plenty of mistakes and lessons to be learnt, but none the less I am pleased – what do you think?

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