My first ‘patchwork’ quilt is complete
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My first ‘patchwork’ quilt is complete

My first quilt is now complete. However I have another confession for you…..I cheated a little more than just the top fabric. The edges were self-bound with the backing fabric.

It is a great technique, which is probably well known to experienced quilt makers, but I read about it on Florence’s blog, Flossie Teacakes, where she has a free tutorial for making coasters. It was easy quick and effective. I would definitely recommend it if you are new to quilting.

The only thing I’ve not done yet is make a quilt label, but I need a water-soluble pen (see, any excuse for shopping)

I’ve given the quilt to Charlotte and she loves it! She has taken to carrying it around the house and using it for her and her dolls and bears – oh so cute.

Sadly I bought the fabric whilst in Australia so I’m going to have to phone mum if I want any more…

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  • wow,looks amazing.xx

    laura turner
  • Congratulations! Your quilt is darling! I just love the colors and patterns of the fabrics. Well done, you! 🙂


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