Neighborly Love
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Neighborly Love

I have decided that when it comes to knitting I am not a frogging/ripping out and starting again kind of person (I’m also not usually a spend time knitting a gauge swatch kind of person). This Neighborly project is the perfect example of this kind of attitude biting you on the bum!

I knitted this top in April 2010, but it has sat around waiting for a button for two and a half years!!

The neck is very loose and this is because in error I knitted the neck band in garter stitch and not stockinette as specified. I did realise this quite early on, but decided to ignore the problem and knit on regardless. As a result of extreme laziness we have one loose neck!

I think I must have also made an error on my gauge, although from memory I did check it at the time and I wasn’t too far off. The whole thing is very large, bearing in mind that I think I made size 2 and Charlotte in these pictures is 4 years old!

The other night I was looking for something in my (ever growing) yarn stash and I found the button that I had bought to go on this top so I sat and sewed it on (seriously, it took less than 5 minutes, why had I put it off for so long?!)

Charlotte wasn’t over the moon about the top, but she wasn’t long home from nursery when I asked her to try it on for me so I think she was a bit tired. I’ll get it out in a few days and try it on her again….

To be honest I’m a little bit gutted that it (I) went wrong. It’s lovely yarn, a lovely colour and probably a very useful top when knitted correctly.

You can’t win them all!

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  • Hey – it’ll fit for years. I love the colour and the garter at the neck is great.


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