Normal service has resumed
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Normal service has resumed

Wow, it has been busy busy busy!

The Christmas rush has been and gone. Thank you to all of my customers for your orders and your fabulous kind words! I really enjoyed the rest* over Christmas and New Year.

Santa came and was as generous as ever – love you Santa x

The snow fairy also came and blocked off the drive for much of last week. Luckily the rain came just before cabin fever really took hold! Having grown up in Australia snow is such a novelty and I really love it, but it did get to the point last week when I just had to get out of the house!

Check out my well shovelled path!


So, now here we are mid way through January and it’s time to figure out where to take the business this year. Think think think! I’ve got some exciting ideas, just not sure I’m brave enough to take the leap!

*by rest I don’t actually mean rest, but it was a rest from work!

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