One Giant Granny Square
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One Giant Granny Square

I have spent some of this month trying to get through some of my ever growing work in progress list

First off was a Giant Granny Square Blanket that I started before Emily was born, that’s right, over two years ago!!

I had originally intended to make a really big granny square blanket, but there is a reason that people don’t make blankets out of one giant granny square….it seriously starts to lose it’s shape the bigger it gets.


I decided in the end to call it a day after 25 rounds and make a doll sized granny square blanket instead. So in actual fact it is a giant granny square, if you are a doll!

Giant Granny Square 4

I finished off the blanket with a scalloped edge worked over 5 stitches, which looks quite sweet I think

Giant Granny Square 3

Emily loves the blanket, but spent far too much time trying to wrap herself in to, before deciding to wrap her Miffy toy in it instead

Giant Granny Square 2

Feels good to get something done that had been sitting around for far too long, for no reason at all!

Do you use January as a fresh start or do you, like me spend some time trying to clear the decks?

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  • Have you tried turning the blanket to the other side every time you do a round,like you would doing rows of dc,it stops the blanket leaning to one side.I find it works for me.

    Joanne Kitchen
  • Brilliant tip, thank you! I must say, I’m not very experienced when it comes to crochet and I need all the help I can get…


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