Pinned It Tried It :: Patching Jeans
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Pinned It Tried It :: Patching Jeans

Some time ago I pinned a tutorial from Gabrielle at Design Mom for patching jeans with holes in the knees

Well-Mended Wardrobe - great tips on mending clothes in cute ways

Emily is three at the end of the year and is shooting up like nobody’s business. Now that the weather has taken a turn for the chilly I was fishing out some trousers for her only to find that they were all too short! I did however find some of Charlotte’s old jeans. Sadly they were in need of repair in the knee area. Rather than throw them out I thought it would be fun to try out Gabrielle’s tutorial

I followed the tutorial as it was written. I used steam-a-seam as the double sided interfacing and a scrap of denim for additional reinforcement behind the fabrics I used

For the first pair I used some fabric scraps that I had left over from the Washi dress that I am using in a series of sewing lessons that I am giving at the moment

Patch preparation

I even sewed a few crosses around the opening like Gabrielle did and I rather like the effect.


Emily wore these jeans today and she was most perturbed that she was….

1. not wearing a pretty dress

2. wearing jeans, and

3. that she was wearing jeans with a hole in them

Life is very confusing when you are an Emily!

The second pair of jeans only had a teeny hole in one knee. As this pair were a lighter wash denim I settled on a light pink and white fabric and some red embroidery thread


They are a fairly plain boring pair of jeans so I added a heart to the back pocket. I even used my own template for the heart shape!

Heart on a back pocket

Are you a make do and mend kind of person or are you a chuck it in the bin and buy something new kind of person? I must admit that repairing clothes is normally at the very bottom of my priority list, but this tutorial was great fun! 

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  • Very cute! I like the fabric you used and stitching you did. I’m ready to patch a pair of my jeans and found the same tutorial that you did. Such a great resource!

    • Thanks, I really love how they turned out. The tutorial is definitely worth a go!


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