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Pinned It, Tried It :: Pattern Weights

I saw this great little tutorial the other day on Pinterest from Jess of Craftiness is not Optional for some cute pattern weights.

simple and easy pattern weights by craftiness is not optional

I have some big hefty pattern weights that I bought a few years back from a bookbinder. They do the job, but are not very pretty and to be honest, they are actually a little bit too heavy at times and can tear the paper patterns. So when I saw this tutorial, I thought I would give it a go, as who wouldn’t want pretty pattern weights, right?

Pattern Weights in white

Finding the right washers wasn’t that easy. I really wanted some washers the same as Jess used, but most of the large washers I found here in the UK only had a tiny hole in the middle. I eventually found some washers with a (not quite so tiny) hole in the middle and bought myself a packet of 10. When I got home I fished out some narrow ribbon and a tube of superglue and I was away!

Pattern Weights in red

As the washers were a little on the small side I decided to stack several washers on top of each other to make them a bit more hefty. They took no time at all and I’m so pleased with my new pattern weights. Think I might just continue my search for extra large washers so I can make some more!

Pop on over to Craftiness is not Optional to check out the tutorial and make your own…how can you resist, we all need pretty pattern weights!


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  • They look soooo cute, could do with making some to hold fabric down when cutting out…
    Amanda xx


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