Mini FPP Alphabet : FPP pdf pattern

Mini FPP Alphabet : FPP pdf pattern


This Mini FPP Alphabet is just so versatile. You can use the letters to add personalisation to any number of projects, or combine the letters to make up signs or motivational messages!

Each completed block measures 1.5” wide x 2” high.

Blocks can be combined with the Spools of Thread FPP pattern to create all sorts of sewing themed projects!

See below for further information.

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The Mini FPP Alphabet includes individual patterns for each upper case letter of the alphabet, plus 7 additional characters, including a star, a heart and some arrows. There are 33 patterns in total.

Each completed block measures 1.5” wide x 2” high. Make sure that you print your pattern pieces Actual Size in order to create blocks in this size. See below for further information.

Your Purchase of the Mini FPP Alphabet includes two files:

pdf Mini FPP Alphabet instructions (5 pages)

  • Guide to understanding the pattern pages and pattern pieces
  • Instructions on how to combine with the Spools of Thread pattern

FPP pattern pieces (presented in two formats 33 pages + 5 pages)

  • Each character is presented on its own page with a colouring in diagram, layout diagram and blank diagram for fabric planning/colouring in (33 pages). See additional pictures for an example of a pattern page.
  • All characters have also been grouped together so that they can all be printed out at the same time, using less paper (5 pages)
  • Spools of Thread additional pieces (1 page)
  • All pattern pieces have been reversed, have a ¼” seam allowance around each section and are clearly labelled to help with construction


The characters have been designed so that they can be incorporated into the middle of the Spools of Thread spools. Instructions are included as to how you can merge the two patterns. A great way of creating some really fun, personalised sewing-themed projects! You can buy and download the pdf pattern here


  • This is FPP on a smaller scale, so by nature the piecing is more challenging.
  • All characters have been allocated a difficulty rating so that you have a guide before you start stitching.
  • The majority of the characters can be made in one section, but there are a few that are made with two or more sections that will require joining
  • It is advisable, but not necessary to have an add an eighth ruler to trim seam allowances whilst constructing the characters.
  • This pattern assumes that you already know how to paper piece so there are no FPP technique tips included with the instructions.



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