Roadtrip to Devon = new yarn…obviously
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Roadtrip to Devon = new yarn…obviously

Whilst mum was here back in June we went on a little road trip to catch up with a few people. Sadly there wasn’t enough time to see everyone, so if we missed you I am so so sorry.

Our trip was great, made perfect by a few sunny hours that allowed us to climb Heytor without getting drenched.

Ambling down Heytor

Haning out on Heytor

I also managed to get in a bit of yarn shopping. In Bovey Tracey (town at the bottom of Heytor) I found a great yarn store Spin a Yarn. They had an amazing selection of yarns and the advice was brilliant. I really appreciated the time that they spent helping me out. Remarkably I only came away with two skeins….

New Yarn

The grey is Zitron Trekking XXL which is destined to be  a pair of socks…the delicious red is Araucania Ranco Solid and is supposedly so that I can practice making a par of socks so I get it right when is comes to making the pair for my husband from the grey Zitron Trekking. Sounds like an excuse for buying more yarn than required doesn’t it??

Are you a yarn hoarder or do you buy solely for the project you are working on? How often do you buy yarn for a specific project but just never quite get around to starting that project? This is me by the way 🙂

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