Seasonal Cheer? Too early?
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Seasonal Cheer? Too early?

I saw these fabrics in my local fabric store the other day and had to buy them. You know the old adage, buy them when you see them or they’ll be gone in a flash!

Seasonal Fabrics

I know that it is far too early to be thinking about Christmas but these fabrics are Christmassy without being overly Christmassy. I’m not planning on doing anything with them in the next couple of weeks, but they are there for when I need them – hurrah!

I’ve also seen online some great Christmas fabrics in Spotlight in Australia. I have sent my mum out with a shopping list with the hope that she can fill a jiffy bag or two! Fingers crossed that they’ve not sold out already like they did last year. We completely missed out…I was so gutted as they had some really great prints. Fingers crossed for this year.

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