Selfish Sewing …. crochet hook and dpn case
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Selfish Sewing …. crochet hook and dpn case

So, as the weather was quite rubbish on Saturday I made myself a case for my crochet hooks and double pointed knitting needles. Oh the joy of doing something for myself for a change (that wasn’t knitting!).

I had a rummage around my fabric stash, which I’d not done in a while, so it was very exciting to find so many great prints. Where they all came from I really couldn’t tell you! I eventually settled on a denim for the outside of the case and a striped blue shirting cotton for the inside.

I am really pleased with the finished product, but when I make a knitting needle case (next in the selfish sewing pipeline) I will curve the top edges of the flap so it sits a bit neater when it is all rolled up.

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