Zips and Buttonholes Workshop

Zips and Buttonholes Workshop

Build your Sewing skill set


Improver Level Workshop


3 hour workshop


£55 workshop

Scared of Zips? Well, don’t be! They are not as difficult as they seem and can really transform the types of projects that you tackle.

As for that strange looking long foot that came with your machine, it will look strange no more as you learn how to use the buttonhole function on your machine.

Course Outline

On this course we will look at how to insert three different styles of zips: traditional Slot Seam Zip, a Lapped Zip and an Invisible Zip. We will explore how to use your zipper foot and get you inserting zips with confidence.

We will also look at the automatic or semi-automatic buttonhole function on your machine and how to use your buttonhole foot. We’ll also look at how you might be able to sew a button on with your machine, rather than by hand.

This is a skills based workshop where you will take home a number of samples that you have made, rather than a finished garment or item.

Bring with you

:: Sewing machine, power cable, foot pedal, user manual OR use one of my machines

:: Standard Straight Stitch Foot

:: Zipper Foot

:: Invisible Zipper Foot. This foot has two grooves on the underside of the foot for the zipper coils to pass through. It is not essential to have an invisible zipper foot for the course, however if you bring it along you will learn how to use it.

:: Button Hole Foot


This workshop will take place in one 3 hour sessions

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