Shifting Sands Scarf: Ta-dah!
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Shifting Sands Scarf: Ta-dah!

My not so recent (my word, it’s well over a month ago) trip to London allowed me some knitting time on the train and I ever so nearly finished my Shifting Sands scarf. I was on the train frantically trying to get to the end of my second skien of yarn, which by the way worked out to be a lot longer than the first skein!

waves of shifting sands

I eventually finished this scarf a few weeks ago and managed to get a few wears from it before we had this rather lovely mini heat wave….how do you dress for the day when it is 2 degrees at 8am and 17 degrees by early afternoon?

Shifting sands scarf detail

Despite really really wanting to learn to cable without a cable needle it just didn’t seem to be in me! Luckily my yarn choice meant that I had to make a lot less cables than the pattern calls for. Maybe on another project I’ll give it another go! maybe

Shifting Sands Scarf

I worked out that I made nearly 6,500 stitches. Sounds a lot for a scarf doesn’t it?

I’m fairly sure I should wash and block my Shifting Sands scarf as the ends need sorting out as they are a bit all over the place. To be honest though I’m not sure where I would dry it…it is very long!

I’m very pleased with the scarf, although before I started knitting I didn’t really consider that there would be a right side and a wrong side. A bit of  a shame really, I guess I’ll just have to dress myself properly for a change.

I completely love the colour, it looks great with grey and with dark denim. I’m sure that this heat wave we are having will not last forever and that I will get a few more wears out of it before it gets put away for the summer.

Whilst on a yellow note I am mildly obsessed by these shoes….

Henderson Band

I am off to have a clear out of my shoes to make way for these I think!

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