Spring Forward
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Spring Forward

Spring Forwards
Fall Back

That’s how I was taught to remember which way the clocks move either end of the summer! Hope you (if you live in the UK) remembered to change your clocks! If you haven’t it’s Monday…where have you been?!?!

Not On The High Street.com have sent out a Spring mailer today and have been kind enough to feature my suede storage bags in their ‘tidy tidy’ *section

Tidy home, tidy mind - Lacking a study or even desk? These useful ideas help bring organisation into every area of the home in the prettiest of ways

I have often eyed up that ceramic notepad..it really would look good in the kitchen, just not sure it would fit in the hadbag when I went shopping!

Speaking of shopping I have just purchased two new items for this Spring/Summer, a skirt from Jackpot (whilst we were in Prague)

and a new linen shirt from Joules

POWDERHAM Womens Short Sleeved Shirt

I will look just as fabulous as this I am sure!

* ‘tidy tidy’is the phrase we are teaching the little one at the moment. She is actually getting the hang of it and is actually learning to tidy up her toys on the odd occasion!

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  • Lovely bags. I have been teaching my toddler to tidy up the toys and everything, and now she seems to be showing slight Monica tendancies. Everything has to be tidied away, she has to help unload the dishwasher and gets her little dustpan and brush out if she’s made a mess.

    • That is very sweet! My little one (18months) is learning quite well but I’m worried she’ll end up a little too Monica. The other day she was separating her dinner into different types of food….


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