Stock Take
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Stock Take

My financial year end has been and gone and I have still not done my stock take. Last year I didn’t do it on time either and had a horrible time counting back to get accurate numbers. I really need to avoid doing it again this year, particularly before the Christmas rush starts. There really isn’t a lot of time left!

I have made a start but it is such a boring job, and difficult to do in short spurts (an hour here or there when the baby is asleep) so I seem to be taking my time over it (i.e. finding other more intersting things to do)

Stack of pencil rolls

What I really need is to have someone look after the baby for the day and for me to plough through it and get it done in one go. That has been the plan for the past three weekends but I keep being distracted….tidy the utility room….sort through photos on the computer…design a new coin purse…even do some ironing…..

Maybe I’ll do an hour tonight when hubby is home from work and the baby is alseep in bed…or maybe I’ll finish those curatins

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