Successful Socks: First ever pair of socks complete
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Successful Socks: First ever pair of socks complete

The socks are done! Actually they were done a few weeks ago, they just needed blocking and I didn’t have any sock blockers….Eskimimi Knits to the rescue! She has a great tutorial on her site for making your own sock blockers. Thanks Mimi!

Sock Blockers Finished

So, as I said, the Globe Trotter socks are done. Phew. I can knit what I like without feeling guilty about the socks sitting unfinished.

Things I learned knitting these socks

  • Nothing (in the world of knitting) is as scary as it looks
  • Pay attention. Ok, so maybe I learn this with every project, but I need to pay attention to the detail….like counting rows properly

I a fair amount of yarn left…should have made them longer in the leg….need to find a use for leftover sock yarn. Any suggestions?

Andrew has worn the socks and they seem to have gone down ok. He’s even asked for another pair – fancy that! I even have some yarn in my stash that might do the trick

I bought myself some of this yarn (purely by accident you understand) the other day, which may end up as a pair of sock for myself….you just never know!

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  • You can use the extra for heels and toes of another pair or do them striped….

    • Now, that sounds like a plan! Thanks for the suggestion. More socks it is!


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