Summer Sweater Knit Along Progress
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Summer Sweater Knit Along Progress

I was shopping in a toy superstore not long back and a woman walked past wearing a jumper that was really similar in colour to the cardigan that I am knitting as part of the summer sweater knit along with luvinthemommyhood. This woman was wearing a blue and white  gingham shirt with her jumper, and to be honest I wouldn’t have thought ot pair the two items together. Is it weird that I followed her around the shop to get a good look at her shirt? I have since been on the search for such a shirt and finally spied a vaguely similar one in tesco the other day 🙂

F&F Gingham roll-up sleeved shirt - Additional View 1

sorry about the teeny tiny image, it’s the best I could lift off the Tesco site

As for my progress with my yellow ‘lavender jacket in blue’ cardigan, I have finished the main body and have sewn up the shoulders. It looks ok, but only ok (not that I am a perfectionist, you understand). I have no idea how to successfully graft two bound off sections of brioche stitch together and there were no suggestions on the pattern notes.

Lavender jacket in blue, in yellow work in progress

I have had a few issues getting my head around the pattern when it comes to knitting the sleeves. It does annoy me when you pay for a pattern, only to be left bemused by what it is telling you to do……pick up stitches around the armhole and then knit backwards and forwards… that even possible?

Sleeve detail of lavender jacket in blue, in yellow

Anyhow I have made a start on the first sleeve and have checked my yarn situation. Thankfully it looks as though I will have plenty left to get the project done. I just need to decide whether to go for 3/4 length or full length sleeves….

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