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Fringed Shoulder Bag for Love Sewing issue 39

Feature :: Fringed Faux Leather Shoulder Bag, Love Sewing issue 39

The editor of Love Sewing magazine commissioned me to create a fringed shoulder bag. What an exciting challenge! I had a bit of a search around online for some fringe and I found this great copper coloured faux leather trim from my They also sell it in silver and black. I paired the copper fringing with a beautifully soft…

Feature :: Pelican Applique T-Shirt for Love Sewing issue 31

I just love an applique T-shirt. I love that you can take something plain and really make it your own. It doesn’t take long, but is so effective and you end up with something that’s different to what you find in the shops. For issue 31 of Love Sewing Magazine I designed a Pelican Applique pattern that you can apply…

Feature :: Slogan Bags for Love Sewing, Issue 24 (plus a little giveaway)

Issue 24 of Love Sewing features some fabric painted tote bags that I made using freezer paper templates… you spy one on the front cover? I pulled together three different slogans for you to choose from ‘Measure Twice Cut Once’ ‘Sewing Mends the Soul’ and ‘#sewcialist’. To download the templates see the Love Sewing website   A couple of points…

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