Nutcracker and Mouse King FPP Cushions

NEW : Nutcracker and Mouse King FPP Cushions pdf and paper pattern

Over the past few years Nutcrackers have become an ever so popular icon at Christmas time. The Nutcracker Ballet is just so wonderful and is performed all over the world to people entering into the festive spirit. I think that we love the music, the magic, the tradition and the old world charm. When the Nutcrackers come out I'm all…

Santa and Mrs Claus FPP Cushions

NEW : Santa and Mrs Claus FPP Cushions pdf and paper pattern

I love decorating the house at Christmas, it's one of my favourite things to do. A tree in the corner of the living room just doesn't cut it for me .... I want little touches of Christmas in every room! Being able to make things for the home for Christmas gives me even more joy, and I know that I'm…

Video Tutorial Chain Piecing Blocks and Rows

Video Tutorial :: Chain Piecing Patchwork Blocks and Rows

If you are relatively new to patchwork and quilting you may not have come across chain piecing before. I came into patchwork and quilting from a dressmaking background and to be honest, it wasn’t a term that really comes up. In patchwork and quilting though you’ll hear it mentioned but may not know what it is, how to do it…

Brick Quilt Feature Image

FREE :: Delft Inspired Blue Brick Quilt Tutorial with June Tailor Shape Cut Plus Cutting Guide

The team at the Sewing Quarter presented me with several prints from the Blue Dream range. It's a new range of fabrics designed by Dianna don Francisco for Henri Glass.  I was told 'see what you can come up with' and 'keep it simple'. The prints are really gorgeous and they really looked like Delft pottery or even the tiles…

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