The creative juices were flowing
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The creative juices were flowing

At the weekend I went away with a group of ‘laydees’ for a weekend of creativity. Our base was the Queen Margaret’s School, just south of York – what a fabulous location! We had the (supervised) run of the art and textiles block and we all had our own skills, plans and agendas so we just sort of got on with things. I think it’s safe to say that we all had a great time.

The main aim for me was to spend some time in a creative environment (it can be tough creatively when you work on your own in a home studio) and get some projects done that have been sitting around for a while.

I also spent some time unravelling the mysteries surrounding coin purses and carried out a few demonstrations to a few willing volunteers on making them up. There seems to be a call for instructions on how to make up coin purses so I’ll be writing up some notes for a tutorial. If you are interested, leave a comment on this post and I’ll let you know when I’ve written them.

The majority of my time is spent working with leather and suede but Debbie from Little Miss Quarter had some fabulous screen printed fabric which inspired me to have a tinker with my coin purse pattern….and here is the result…

Debbie Purse Closed

and here’s the great lining fabric I found lurking in a corner…

Debbie Purse Open

What do you think – you like?

The weekend has inspired me to get going again with my embroidered leather coin purses, so watch this space for more to follow….

I was more than a little anxious before I went as I’d not met anyone that I was about to spend the weekend with, but I needn’t have worried because I had a brilliant time and met some really great people. If they’ll have me I’ll definitely be going again next year.

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  • It was lovely to meet you, your zip tutorial was great really helpful.
    Thank you again for helping me with the zip on my little bag, it turned out great.
    Im so glad you are thinking of making a tutorial for the coin purse, i missed the tutorial this weekend, i was playing with PMC in the other room, please sign me up for a copy. 🙂

  • I’m jealous of the people that got to go, the pics I’ve seen so far are great 🙂 I would love to know how to make a coin purse, have no idea how to even start.

  • it was great to meet you and i love the purse you made with my fabric!


  • I love the fabric coinpurse! I’d be intersted in a tutorial when you’ve done it, Cat x


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