The kindness of others: ‘In Threes’ Knit Along
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The kindness of others: ‘In Threes’ Knit Along

The other evening I was browsing Ravelry (livin’ the high life!) looking for ways of using some of my stash and I happened upon the In Threes Cardigan by Kelly Herdrich.

The great thing about Ravelry is that you can see the notes and changes that other people have made to the pattern before you embark on something new.

I noticed that a lady called Mary Jane had made a rather nice version and I posted a comment on her page to say how lovely it was. She very kindly offered to ‘knit along’ with me so that if I had any problems along the way there was someone to ask for advice.

We cast on together at the beginning of last week and it’s taken me just short of  a week’s worth of evenings to knit it up. I am so pleased with the results. Knitting along with Mary Jane has been a really nice experience.

I am all done now, just need to buy some buttons and wash and block before little Emily can wear it.


Things that I have learnt in making this cardigan:

Cable cast on: I have no idea why I have never used this method to cast on before. I guess I just learnt long tail cast on and stuck with it. The cable cast on is quite pretty and for this project is was just the right method – thanks again to Mary Jane

Russian join: This is a tricksy way of effectively looping two yarns together and slicing in the ends. I found a couple of tutorials on how to do it on You Tube. For me it was a bit fiddly and looked messy but it actually knitted in quite well.

Most of all I have learnt that people can be so lovely…..extra large thank you to Mary Jane for knitting along with me!


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  • Laura told me about your blog which I am very much enjoying have a browse through. I am a newbie knitter and fellow blogger. I think I recognise your little girl (modelling the knitted turban) from ballet class which means I can put a face to you too. x


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