This is not a knitting blog
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This is not a knitting blog

I seem to have become a knitting bore. At the moment it’s what I do of an evening whilst watching (or more like listening to) TV and it seems to be all I am blogging about at the moment. I am sorry if I have become a little woolly and one dimensional!

I set up my blog two years ago and it was quite a slow start, but now I seem to have picked up a little. I hope you enjoy some of the things I write about….

So, in my attempt to be less knitting focused (despite starting a new project last night), today I have got the sewing machine out. Well, actually it’s never really away as I seem to be forever in the middle of making curtains or taking up trousers. However I think the last thing that I sewed for myself was a little jacket to wear on my wedding day.

It was a stunning but cold say so I am surprised to find there are only 3 pictures of me wearing the jacket! Worse still is that in the best shot of the jacket I have a stoopid facial expression!

So today whilst the little bear had a sleep I made a start on some sewing for myself!! Sadly my sewing seemed to have a knitting slant as I decided to make a case for my crochet hooks and DPNs. Sorry, can’t help myself!

I am actually nearly done and just need to trim some threads and sew on the button later tonight. Next on the list is a knitting needle case…..

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  • that jacket looks great

    and don’t get me started on that ENORMOUS cake! Mmmmmmmmm!

    • I know, the cake was amazing. Luckily we had loads left…the freezer had never been so full, and a freezer so full of yummy chocolate cake is just the best way to start married life!

  • wow – you are very nifty with crafts… I need to get my sewing machine out soon to make about a zillion curtains… 🙂


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