Tissue Paper Pom-Poms
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Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

Not so long ago we had a little party to celebrate our daughter’s 3rd birthday and my 27th (and a bit…and a bit more) birthday. I had planned on making a load of lovely bunting from some vintage fabric. The fabric I found however wasn’t quite the right colour and I seemed to run out of time to find some more and get sewing.

I remember seeing somewhere a great tutorial for some lovely fabric pom-poms but for the love of it, I can’t find where I saw it in the first place. In the hunt for the tutorial I was looking through How About Orange and found this great picture of tissue paper pom-poms

There’s a link from How About Orange to the instructions on the Martha Stewart web site.

I though the pom poms looked fabulous so I immediately ordered myslef a load of tissue paper in four different colours from ebay and started folding the minute it arrived.

I made three different sizes as a trial…..

They look good hey?

In the end I made a few of the larger size and a few of medium size.

Here are my making notes if you are interested:

Small – 3 sheets of tissue paper, cut in half and half again, giving me 12 sheets in total, spread between 2 pom-poms

Medium – 5 sheets of tissue paper cut in half, giving me 10 smaller sheets

large –  10 sheets of tissue paper

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