Toadstool Love
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Toadstool Love

I quite like toadstools, not to eat you understand, but I love their shape. I find them very pleasing. One of my early designs for embroidered leather cosmetics bags featured a toadstool…..queue shameless self promotion ….

 Red Leather Embroidered Purse from Little Black Duck

When I met Kirsty from PaperFish at my crafty weekend away a few weeks back I discovered that she makes these fabulous needle books. I was drawn to the great unique design and of course the toadstool!

Toadstool Needle Case from PaperFish

If toadstools aren’t your thing then Kirsty has also had versions with little birds, dear little deer, Matroyshka, teacups, dogs  and even a rocket!

The perfect opportunity to get your Christmas shopping started

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