T,T & and Ts KAL: Roxborough Dolman – casting on
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T,T & and Ts KAL: Roxborough Dolman – casting on

I knitted a swatch. That’s right, I knitted a swatch!

As this is the first time knitting a garment for myself, I really wanted to get it right so I knitted a swatch.

Actually I knitted two swatches (impressive hey?). I’m still not sure I’ve got the right gauge, but I was bored with knitting swatches and wanted to get on with the sweater.

The good news about the swatching process is that I discovered that the colour doesn’t run from my yarn. I really thought that it might as this yarn is a little mottled, rather than a flat colour. I’m hoping that the mottled look isn’t too noticeable in the stripes.

The bad news about the process is that the other night it dawned on me that I seem to have bought my yarn incorrectly, in that I have bought one skein of the grey and two of the blue, but should have done it the other way around. Damnit! Sweater will look a little different than planned.

The KAL has officially started and I have six weeks (less 2 weeks holiday) to get my Roxborough Dolman completed.

psst – have you seen my KAL button?

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