TT&T KAL: Roxborough Dolman work in porgress
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TT&T KAL: Roxborough Dolman work in porgress

A quick update for you with my progress with my Roxborough Dolman that I am knitting as part of the luvinthemommyhood Knit Along.

The pattern didn’t specify the length of cable to use with the circular needles so I had a bit of a guess and got it wrong (far too long) and managed to twist my stitches so had to pull out half of my stitches and start again. You would think that this wasn’t a big deal but I am not terribly skilled or patient when it comes to fixing problems with my knitting. That said, all sorted and I’m now well on the way

Roxborough Dolman - knitting in the sun

My youngest hasn’t been very well over the weekend and the past few days so there have been spells of lots of knitting and spells of no knitting at all!!

Roxborough Dolman wip

It is taking me about an hour and a half to knit each colour stripe (which is going to get longer each time I increase a few stitches!!) so I am hoping to get most of the way up the body before we go on holiday in a few weeks time….

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  • Oh my!! So beautiful! Love your color choices!

  • I love it! The pattern, the colors..everything! Great Job 🙂

  • I love this shirt! And I’ve Faved it on Ravelry now. 😀
    Looks like its coming along smashingly!

  • This is already in my favorites, but seriously, I love your colors.

    Sara W.
  • Wow, I really love that color combo and would have never thought of it. Can’t wait to see it when it’s done!


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