Two tu-tu
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Two tu-tu

I recently bought Little Things to Sew by Oliver + S and I completely love it. There are loads of great projects, but first on the list was a tutu for the new ballerina in the house.

Charlotte has recently taken up a ballet and tap class – awwww. Being under three it really is ballet and tap in the loosest sense, but I have been assured that despite the class sounding like a small heard of elephants that there is some toe pointing going on! On the way home from her first class I was asking her lots of questions about how it had gone. Part of the conversation went like this…

Me: ‘…and did you then do some tap dancing?’

Charlotte: ‘No mummy’

Me: ‘really?!?! why not?’

Charlotte: ‘I haven’t got tap shoes Mummy’

Ask a two year old a question and get a literal answer !

Anyhow, her ballet outfit is a bit of a mish-mash. Her leotard is just about fine, but her wrap around ballet top is a little on the large side and she is having to wear thick woolly tights as all of the ballet ones I have found are too long….rocking the Nora Batty look seems harsh for a tiddler! So it seemed only fair that she has her very own tutu!






The pattern was easy to follow, however I did have a few problems getting hold of tulle in different colours, all in the same width. Sadly as a result the waistband is a little more bulky than I would have liked. Other than that I am really really pleased with the result and most importantly so is Charlotte!


Of course I couldn’t get away with sewing without  a little helper so together we made a teeny tiny tutu for her Poppy doll


sorry for the dark photo x

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