Updated Pattern: Cable Knit Dolls’ Blanket
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Updated Pattern: Cable Knit Dolls’ Blanket

I am so pleased that so many of you have been downloading my free cable knit dolls’ blanket knitting pattern. I hope that you are all busy making blankets to keep dolls and teddies all over the world warm and snug this winter.

A few people have added their blanket pictures to the project pages of Ravelry so I have updated the pattern with a couple of gallery images.

Cable dolls blanket knitted by ravelry member knit4ase

knitted by ravelry member knit4ase

If you have knitted the blanket and would like to share your results, you too can do so on Ravelry or on the flickr group ‘Little Black Duck Patterns’.

Happy Knitting!

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  • Such a sweet little blanket! I may have to find some chilly dollies to knit it for here!

  • Hello is it possible for me to have the knitting pattern for the cabeled dolls blanket please.
    Kind regards

    Julie Haynes

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