Winding a Bobbin Video Tutorial
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Video Tutorial: Winding a Bobbin for your Sewing Machine

Are you tempted to try sewing but you’re not really sure where to start? Maybe you have not done any sewing for more years than you care to remember and aren’t sure how to get your machine going again. Perhaps you’ve been inspired to start sewing because you’ve watched The Great British Sewing Bee or Next in Fashion (so addictive!) and want to get sewing but need a little helping hand.

That machine in the corner (or is it still in the box?) will only gather dust, so let’s get it going so you can get sewing!

One of the first things you need to do before you can start sewing is make sure that you have a bobbin that is wound nice and neatly. This video tutorial will show you how to get your bobbin wound and I’ll share with you some great tips along the way. You’ll need an empty bobbin that is compatible with your machine, a spool of thread, a spool cap and a small pair of scissors.

I do hope that the video is useful for you and you’re happy to give winding a bobbin a try. My best advice is to do it again and again, over and over. As the saying goes “practice makes perfect”…. the more often you try a newly learned skill, the more quickly it will become second nature!

Once you have mastered winding a bobbin for your machine then you are ready to move on to Threading Your Machine. Watch my video tutorial on Threading Your Machine and you will be all set to start sewing!


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Winding a Bobbin Video Tutorial

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