Weaving in the ends: Granny Stripe Blanket
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Weaving in the ends: Granny Stripe Blanket

Wow, weaving in the ends of my granny stripe blanket was DULL. It seemed to take a complete age. I think in all it took about four or five nights in front of the television but it seemed like a lot lot longer!

20111123-014529 PM.jpg

I’m glad it’s done and I’ve made a start on the border which is much more exciting. It’s an easy stitch that you can do without thinking too much and the more I hook the closer I am getting to the end.

20111123-020458 PM.jpg

I’ve done four rows of grey and have moved onto the raspberry. I like to combination but there is this little voice in my head saying ‘too much grey, too much grey’. Needless to say I am hooking on regardless as I can’t quite bring myself to rip out a few rows. That little voice however is getting louder and louder. Maybe I’ll get to  a point where the raspberry is one or two rows wider than the grey and then see how I feel

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