Weight gain during pregnancy
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Weight gain during pregnancy

So, with my first pregnancy I gained a lot of weight. Yes, I know, there was a baby in my tummy, but 6 months after my daughter was born I was still a stone and a half ish (10kg) heavier than before I got pregnant. I was not a happy bunny. Eventually the weight shifted and until a few months ago I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. My body of course was a completely different shape and despite being the same weight, clothes were just not fitting in the same way (or at all).

Anyway, I digress a little. So, with this pregnancy I wanted things to be different (less weight gain and a much much better labour please). For the past year I have been going to the gym three times a week and I shall continue to do so as long as I feel comfortable. When I get too big to step on and off a step in time to the music I shall revert to aqua aerobics and leisurely waddles on the cross trainer.

However over the past few weeks I have been concerned about the weight I am gaining. I am feeling like the size of a house already and I am sure that at 15 weeks I shouldn’t be looking longingly at elasticated waists. It was with great relief that I read this week’s email from BabyCentre…..at this stage of pregnancy I should have gained anywhere from 2.5kg – 4.5kg – thank goodness for that!!!!!!!

Now, where’s the cake?

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