WiRE Conference – a missed opportunity
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WiRE Conference – a missed opportunity

Well, I am totally gutted. I had been looking forwards to the WiRE (Women in Rural Enterprise) conference for such a long time. I had babysitting sorted out, business cards ready, postcards printed and a selection of product all packaged up and ready to show at the conference. I was looking forwards to meeting loads of new people and learning some new skills along the way from one of the fabulous talks and workshops.

Just my luck, I came down with what turned out to be a 48 hour bug! Stuck in bed, not going anywhere – gutted. All I can say is that I am relieved that my mother in law was here to look after the baby.

I guess there is always next year….

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  • Aw! I’m so sorry you had to miss that – it sounds like it would have been wonderful. I hope you get better soon!! 🙂

  • Oh man, I have been there and done that so many times I’m used to the dissapointment =[
    But I’m sorry you werent able to go! Like you said, next year is your year 😀

  • Hope you feel better!

  • Hope you feel better! It´s a real pity.

    Love your leather designs. Congratulations!



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